Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mitsubishi eK and Toyota WiLL Cypha

These are my first downloaded mods from NINJA PANDA I shared it
because the link is broken so enjoy

Will Cypha

TIP: EK wagon has a limo ver in the package

eK wagon


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Starting my new blog

I've have a lot of japanese car mods before i've started blogging,but still im looking for a Nissan Cube,Daihatsu Move and Toyota Voxy if could someone share it to me i will be grateful.

Japanese Text

私がブログを始めた前に、日本車の改造は、たくさんあり​​ましたが、誰かが、私は感謝するでしょう私にそれを共有することができれば、まだIM日産キューブダイハツムーヴとトヨタヴォクシーを探しています。 :)